Nathan Harrison

What an amazing life path -- I couldn't fathom walking it without a camera. 

From an early age when a camera was placed in my hands, the desire to create images has been constant. 

Blessed with artistic and creative parents, I was introduced to the wonders of art and image creation early on. What began as childish curiosity emerged as a life long passion.

I love to travel, and carry wanderlust in my pockets, I posses a constant ambition to seek creativity and new ways of seeing even amidst the mundane. With a unique eye, it is a love of form and function that leads me towards commercial and advertising; the passion in me to fine art, and the smiles, tears, and desire to portraiture and fashion photography. Learning is a continual process and one I hope will never end.

I feel at peace in the big blue while surfing, diving or digging my feet in the warm sand; alive when inhaling fresh mountain air, and my heart and soul sing as long as music isn't far away. I love the solitude and sound of a crisp set of gears humming to the cadence of my heart as I pedal farther then I ever have before, and even more so, my daughters calling me daddy on my return. I value and take great pride in those everlasting friendships I have been fortunate to share around the globe.

When we meet, I will most likely have a camera in hand.