Back in my home town

Visiting my home town, Kiryat Ono Israel, I don't get to visit to often, but every couple of years I find myself drawn back here. The flights here were unpleasant , as expected nowadays. And once again the fulfillment of a seemingly simple reservations by an airline, is impossible, and we, a family of 5 with 3 kids one of whom is 8 weeks old, were split up on an overbooked international flight. The bulkhead which we reserved went to customers who payed extra for legroom, that was the explanation. but that is the end of my rant… ah the Joy of Air Travel.

The true joy of flying

The wonder and excitement in my daughters eyes, easily made up for the frustration. looking out the window while a sunset reflects over river, the blur of green on swift take off and a sweeping banking turn over Tel Aviv right before landing, its in those moments I am a kid once again. 

Reflecting on a sunset

Back in my home town, and among family which has expanded, lots of babies and smiling faces, Cheers to you all near and far, may it be a Happy Hebrew New Year.  

Shana Tova.